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Best MLB Betting Sites

MLB Betting Sites 2024 Overview

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with any of the following sportsbooks. I’m not getting paid for clicks, and I don’t use affiliate links. This Best MLB Betting sites list 100% based on my experience using these onlline sportsbooks for 10+ years.

I thought it would be a good idea to start the blog section of my site with a list of the actual sportsbooks that I use for betting, as this is probably the question I get the most from Discord subscribers and Twitter followers alike. While I use a bunch of soft crypto books as well (and those might be worth another post), these three books are the ones that have been the core of my account portfolio since I started betting. Here is the list of my best MLB betting sites for 2024:

Best MLB Betting Sites 2024

Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle sports sportsbook screen
  • Next day MLB lines opening: Late afternoon (ET)
  • MLB opening limits: To win 4000 USD
  • MLB opening margin: 2% (-104 betting odds both ways)
  • Props available: Yes, mostly overnight, from 1 AM (ET)
  • Pitchers listed: No, all bets are action

Pinnacle is the best sportsbook to bet on MLB, period. You will get the lowest margins, the highest early limits, and props. The lines are absolutely the sharpest, so I’d suggest using Pinnacle in combination with the other two options below and some soft books if available.

The Pinnacle lean is a VERY real thing in baseball, and in 75% of cases, the market will end up taking Pinnacle’s side when there is a disagreement between Pinny and BetOnline Ag / Bookmaker EU. This is great because if you like a side that Pinny also likes, it confirms that it’s worth picking up those 5-10 cent better lines on other outs.

Similarly, prop lines are sometimes 30-40 cents off on softer online sportsbooks compared to Pinnacle. Note that abusing these opportunities will quickly lead to limitations on the softies, but it’s foolish not to take advantage of Pinnacle’s efficiency. Until last season, player prop projections were supplied by Swish Analytics, who are decent but not amazing at projecting probabilities in my opinion. I’m unsure if Pinny uses someone else this season or if they are just shading Swish’s projections using in-house data, but the prop lining has definitely gotten sharper for 2024.

As for site speed, on desktop, performance is acceptable across the board, but there are serious LCP/FCP/INP/CLS issues on mobile, and the site fails Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics BIG TIME. I strongly suggest using this site on desktop, as the mobile version can be frustrating. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been out somewhere and needed to bet something quickly, only to end up frustrated with Pinny’s sluggishness on my phone. If you use sportsbooks on your phone a lot (which you honestly shouldn’t, as they are all pretty unoptimized), I’d recommend going with the other two options on the list.

Pinny supports Skrill and credit cards. Withdrawals are usually instant and self-service, making the process super smooth. As of early 2024, there are no crypto payments, but hopefully, we will get there. Still, Pinny is easily one of the best MLB betting sites out there.

Betonline AG

BetOnline betting site screenshot
  • Next day MLB lines opening: 2 PM (ET)
  • MLB opening limits: To Win 1000 USD
  • MLB opening margin: 2.5% (-105 betting odds both ways)
  • Props available: Yes, but only on game day, from 10 AM (ET)
  • Pitchers listed: Yes

BetOnline AG is a solid online sportsbook, although it is the only one on the list known to sometimes limit winning sports bettors. Thankfully, the limiting process is not as severe or quick as with most soft books. Some people have 50% limits on select sports, while others have limits on live betting. However, overall, you have more leeway here than on 90% of other online sportsbooks.

I rank BetOnline as my number 2 on my list of best MLB betting sites because they release baseball lines the earliest (usually 10-15 minutes before Bookmaker) and offer lower vig and slightly softer lines compared to Bookmaker EU.

The prop (and esports) selection is provided by a third party, and there is a chance of being limited there. However, I do not recommend betting on props on BOL due to their late line releases compared to Pinnacle. The only time I consider betting props on BOL is when Pinnacle’s lines are 20-30 cents more expensive than the market. Sometimes BOL offers a line between the market and Pinnacle that is still worth betting on (if you can get down a meaningful amount).

Recently, BetOnline AG introduced VIP rewards, which is a positive change compared to the minimal to no rewards offered by other sharper online sportsbooks. I have received bonus bets of $100+ multiple times, thanks to Mr. Mason.

The mobile version works well, with solid performance overall (for a sportsbook), and the UI has been improved for easier navigation. Please note that while credit card payments are available, BetOnline AG charges a 10% fee for card deposits. It is recommended to use crypto deposits with a 0% fee instead. Overall, BOL is highly recommended, but be aware that you may encounter limits. I also suggest checking out the sister site, LowVig.Ag, if you need a second account. Although LV does not have prop selection, as mentioned earlier, props should be bet on Pinnacle and softer online sportsbooks anyways.

Bookmaker EU

Bookmaker Eu sportsbook login screen
  • Next day MLB lines opening: 2 PM (ET)
  • MLB opening limits: To win 2000 USD
  • MLB opening margin: 4.8% (-110 betting odds both ways)
  • Props available: No
  • Pitchers listed: No, all bets are ‘action’

Bookmaker EU is a really solid site for moneyline bets and totals (props are not available). You get early openers with dime lines and 2K limits, although the lines are a bit sharper in general than what you see on BOL. My issues with the site are that due to the higher vig, you will likely not be using Bookmaker for non-openers IF you have access to Pinnacle.

My other major concern is that the site uses USD underneath the hood, but it shows EUR for European customers and there is some wonky conversion going on where you will lose part of your funds. I also ran into something similar when withdrawing (which is a lengthier process compared to Pinnacle and BetOnline and only available on weekdays, which is kind of a joke in 2024), as the price of BTC was moving between me requesting my withdrawal and getting my funds and I got significantly less than I should have received.

Core Web Vitals metrics are the best out of the three Major League Baseball betting sites, which is understandable, as Bookmaker offers a very leaned-down experience with pretty minimal overall features.

This is still one of the best MLB betting sites and you should have an account on Bookmaker, especially if you want to maximize the size of your early plays, but there are a lot of things Bookmaker could do better, in my opinion.

Summary – Pinnacle Sports is The Best MLB Betting Sites

BookmakerProsConsOverall Recommendation
Pinnacle SportsSharpest lines, highest early limits, wide range of props, accepts Skrill and credit cards, instant withdrawalsSlow mobile site, no crypto paymentsBest for serious bettors.
BetOnline AGEarliest line releases, lower vig than Bookmaker, softer lines, ok VIP rewards program, good mobile performance.Potential limits on winning bettors, 10% fee on credit card deposits, weak prop selection, which is also provided from a 3rd partyGood for catching Major League Baseball early lines.
Bookmaker EUEarly openers with 2K limitsHigher vig, no props, potential issues with currency conversion and withdrawals, limited featuresGood for early lines if you are betting over 1K per unit.
Summary of ‘MLB Betting Sites 2024 Overview’
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